Tom Yam Game

I did the unthinkable. The most heinous of crimes that any newly-landed immigrant to West Canada can do, was actually committed by me. I, the very same person who pride myself in being a great adjuster, adapter, and ever-so-willing to soak in a new country have denied, vehemently – an opportunity to watch the greats slash ice and allow myself to mesh with the thousands of cheers, most screaming at the top of their lungs (trust me, THAT is something I definitely CAN do – thanks to Malaysia Cup and F1 days) and alas – declare myself a true blue Canadian virgin. I could even do a mandi bunga after that you know, now that it is Spring here. Daffodils can make good substitute for bunga cempaka, no?

And what in heaven’s name did I trade the Canucks game for? THIS bowl of heaven.

I seriously do not know what to say to myself. DH had not one, but TWO free tickets to the game with Minnesota yesterday, but my mind was too fixated with having Thai food for dinner after waiting for him for 2 blinking hours at Starbucks. The story goes that he could not get out of a meeting, and I was left waiting at Starbucks sipping Chai Tea and fantasising hot bowls of Tom Yam Goong at the same time. No doubt I had the company of 2 girlfriends with me – but I was still daydreaming in between pauses.

So when he appeared at the Starbucks door, flashing the 2 tickets in front of my face – I swear to you, I did SEE the words CANUCKS printed on the tickets,it DID register in my head, BUT flashes of the oh-so-tempting smell of lime leaves, lemongrass, chili and celantro could not escape me. I was hallucinating Tom Yam, and DH was frantically trying to convince me: “It is the Canucks game, woman! You have never been to one before, and you always said you wanted to go! “. Well, he didn’t say it like that, but I am sure he wanted to.

My whining for food and waiting and dont-know-what-else finally made him gave in to my craving.

It is now the day after, and I am happily seated at the sofa looking out at the lawn, and damn, I should have not insisted on eating at that Thai restaurant last night. The Tom Yam and Pad Thai and Fried Rice and Spring Rolls and Fish Cakes were all so delicious, but the game at the BC Stadium would have had me tasted electric. Awesome.

Oh, did I tell you the FREE tickets he got from his boss would have cost CAD$100 to purchase?

Yes I know, slap me.


  1. thank u, for allowing the anonymous commenting bit… but wah liew, how cld u??? miss all that for tom yam – eeee the greed is sooo memalukan.. didnt we teach you anything?? sigh… momok #2

  2. of you course you guys did – food ALWAYS come first, no?
    …you mean I got it all wrong?!

  3. aaaah…the ‘rindu mencekik’ syndrome has come to attack! that was the first thing that occured to me when i moved here!

    besok pergi makan tom yam sudah.

  4. erm… ni asyik kepingin nak makan ni ..ada apa apa ke? hehe.. alah kau pun, macamlah tak boleh makan tom yam lain hari! ish ish ish!

  5. ely: memang aku dah makan pon..BURRP…sedaaap kau!

    maknenek: takde apa-apa la..;) Can u imagine if it is a real preggy craving?! I shuuder to think how I will be !

    anonymous: there is only one person in singtel who calls me akak – but just to make sure, takut tersalah email pulak. are you the daddy mamat who used to live in Chai Chee and now in Punggol? Betul kan?

  6. I would kill for free Canuck tix. Lucky girl. Good seats are better than Thai food, even better if the Canucks are winning.


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