Being Jakun in a Blizzard

I may be the only person in BC who is excited over a blizzard.
Its not funny to the average Canadian, and its definitely cumbersome to have to stock up on the road salt, candles and torchlights in case of power outage, food and other paraphernalia whose sole purpose is to keep you entertained in the dark.

BC does not get that much snowfall, so when a snow storm is hitting the entire news network – and I mean ALL of them, gets excited too. The oncoming ‘cold front is hitting the Western coasts’ news angle was repeated over and over, and everyone braced for the worst. Me? The Singaporean in me made me rushed to the grocery store to get torchlights and batteries, and the real person in me worried about food.

The snow storm was due to start at midnight last night, and high winds were aplenty hours before that. I noticed a pattern – whenever there is sunny break during winter, followed by high winds – snowfall is eminent.

I waited all night to see the first ‘hit’. It didnt happen, and I fell asleep at 3 am. When I opened my eyes around 8 plus this morning, the first thing I asked DH was ‘Snow storm dah start?’and the answer was a nonchalant, ‘Just a bit’.

I slipped into my pink flurry slippers, wobbled into the living room and was all too delighted to see a white lawn. An hour later the blizzard began, and instead sighing, I rushed outside, camera in hand and start posing for pictures with SIL. DH went outside too with his new swanky camera, took a few snaps and told us to go inside. But noooo….I wanted to pose some more!

When all was enveloped in snow and the blizzard washed its white way away, all I could think about is prata, mee goreng and hot, steaming mee soto. Sigh. A quiet whisper rang in my head – Welcome back to Canada it said.

And so I am back after 4 months in Singapore. JALAN 2 wrapped a week after I left, thanks to the pure dedication of the team. These guys are like workhorses, endless nights, few hours of sleep, lots of nicotine and ounces of coffee. Because of other responsibilities, I was not able to be as closely in production with them as I was last season, but I know the show is in good hands.

I left on Jan 1st, and arrived on Jan 1st here in Canada. The day before my departure was Mak’s 69th birtday, and we had a great celebration with 51 cupcakes engraved with all of Mak’s nieces, nephews, children, grandchildren, grandnephews and grandnieces listed. I love the cupcakes. Thanks Cupcake Momma!

My eldest sister and her family were great hosts during my stay. I had lots of fun with the kids, annoying and bullying them all at the same time. Bliss !

Its good to be back. DH and I are all too happy to be back together in CA again, and I am too happy to be back in a blizzard, no less.Obviously, as far away from home as I am right now, deep down, the jakun Singaporean in me stays the same 😉