Cold and the Kambing Craving

Boy boy…naughty me. Never aggravate a cold by being in the cold, but … do you do that when you are in country where locals think 8 degrees is hot?

My cold (yes all the way from Singapore, started the day I ransacked my house and turned it upside down to pack the boxes) has worsened. It was all ok while in sunny California, I could even shout and scream during the rides and had the energy to dance up and down to Footloose during the street parties. But no, not in Canada. It came back like a whoossshh. A bad whooosh. Ok correction, it was a WHOOOSH. Sheesh.

When the plane started descending on that March 17 Friday in Vancouver, I was looking out of the window lovingly and thought about what excitement DH must be feeling at that moment, standing right behind the steel bars, and he would have, in all excitement, pushed his way through the crowds so that he could stand right in front of the exit door at the arrival hall to see me. The mountains surrounding Vancouver still has snow at the tops, this is Spring, but hey, this is also Canada. So near the Arctic Circle we are, so the snow stays till they are pushed literally away by the aggresive late Spring sun. I love the change of scenery – from hip hop LA to scenic Vancouver…aahhh..bliss. Until….

The queue lines at the immigration was snaking…and I mean realllllly snaking. It was easily 500 people in front of me. I was so bored, and so not happy, and thought. oh…poor DH! He must be waiting outside for a long time. I did what I do best, call him to play a prank on him that I was stuck in LA airport with no flights out, but my trickery backfired. He was not even at the airport, was still driving some 30 minutes away. Obviously Canadians know how long it will take to clear the lines!

It was nice to see not only DH at the airport, but all my siblings-in-law there . DH and my MIL organised a BBQ dinner that night with Uncle A’s family over and DH diplomatically forced everyone to watch JALAN together. Hahaha…I could never shake it off. JALAN is stuck to my bums.

It has been 5 days in Canada and I am back to watching Ellen, Martha, Oprah,Food Network and shivering. I thought I would acclimatise faster but my own cold is not helping.

Can’t wait to be able to breathe normally without opening my mouth wide and looking like a I am perpetually uttering ‘Ahhhh..’. There is nothing ‘ahh-ing’ about having a cold in the cold I tell you, its punishing. Sigh….here I go again dreaming of Sup Kambing at Boon Keng…


  1. dah uja, kau jgn nak ingat itu sup kambing lagi.

    take some cold meds lah…and lots of Airborne!

    get well soon!

  2. bom,

    sorry about the abrupt phone call. I was stuck in the midlle of nowhere with no freaking cab and a crying baby….

    i thought we janji at 3 o’clock my time kan? waiting……

    hope you call is better.

    ps. I emailed you but got it delivered back by postmaster. how to contact youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu……… boo hoo hoooooooooooooo

  3. ely: aku dah ambik beribu macam obat (ok i exagerrate) and now baru slowly better. I want my kambing!!!!!

    nazrah: kau memang, dengki! dengki! Makankan untuk aku?!! Sampai hati….

    raudha: time macam ginilah fikiran bukan-bukan datang. I even had a cousin who called just to say ‘Mama Beach Road tanya kau nak order apa – mee goreng, beef steak?!’ . Bencii!!!

    Oni: no worries, we can try again today or tomorrow? I think you email me at my old address ah? its writeatzuzanitadotcom

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