Gym Jamboree

So yesterday was the day that I declared, if I can be walloping bowls of hot tom yam and lasagna in the same week, I am definitely cold-free.

I decided to stop embarassing myself by saying a meek ‘byeee’.. everytime my MIL and SIL hit the gym, totally guilt-free.I figure it would do me good to be huffing and puffing again, something I have not done since I was last in Canada back in Sep 2004.

So I cheeerfully announced to MIL and SIL that I am following them to the gym yesterday, much to the excitement of everyone. MIL reminded me to take it slow with cardio, and not stressed myself with the machines while SIL was almost hyperventilating talking about the ice-skating rink she wants to show me at the gym. BIL was at the Ruskin house too, and he was trying to promote walking near his house instead. DH was at work, so he skipped the exercise promo.

We (me and SIL) went to the gym earlier than usual, and that means we have 2 hours to workout before MIL can pick us up at 7.30 pm. She goes to a different gym, about 5 mins away – because she wants to go for their Monday spinning class with Brad.I dont know who Brad is, but he must be hot because MIL has to book him a day before just to get in his class. His class is apparently super-popular. He must be the super-motivating type of instructor. It ain’t easy leading a group of 20 to keep cycling up that hill, when the bike didnt even move and when you look around, you are still within the 4 walls of the gym hall. Spinning is scary for me, man- Brad or Brad-less.

After an hour of on the treadmill and the climber and a few arms-n-back machines later, I was tired, and so was SIL. We were hungry, and we had a hard time fighting our hunger pangs while sitting at the cafe near the gym.

We gave in. Yes, me, again. As if Tom Yam versus Vancouver Canucks was not a lesson for me just a few days ago, I gave in to a plate of ‘small’ fries. Hey it was hard ok? There was this annoying kid who was eating plates of those at the table next to ours ! SIL was strong though, she only took 2 pieces of the fries. I was embarassed – a 16-year old beat me in resistance. Damn.

We looked at the time and we had 30 minutes left before MIL finished her session with Brad, so we walked out of the gym, cross the softball field and braved pelting raindrops on my bandana-ed head. SIL said – “Come kakak, let’s eat gelato!”. I wanted to say no, but hey, this was her weak moment too – so I have to be there for family, yes?

I had a cup of of the creamy, lip-smacking coffee gelato. SIL’s was even yummier – a very thick and gorgeous cup of chocolate gelato. As I slurped spoonfuls of the gelato into my mouth, I could hear a little voice in my head humming…”Loserrrrr….loserrrrr…”. God, it was painful to have yourself call you a loser.

Heck it, I exercised ok – so I deserve a lil’ treat.


  1. Bom!
    Tampines Pool dah bukak!!! And posters everywhere saying it is more than a pool. Got gym, got jacuzzi…. I will check it out besok. But will stay clear from your house….nanti melalak lagi plak. hehe…

  2. wah, mak pegi gym seh!!

    i’d do the gelato detour myself.

    tampines pool dah buka???

    JOM!!!Bawak anak pinak!!

  3. Val: Thanks Val. I love the sun here (never thought I would have a love affair with the sun!)

    Oni: WHAT??!!! Why does it open AFTER I left?! Must be an election conspiracy. Cet! Pls tutup mata and toleh ke mesjid when you pass my block ok? 🙂

    Nazrah: Phew, so I am not alone with the gelato detour, yes? Kalau kau ada sini, kau mesti support aku punya..heh.

  4. u know what, other than you, mana ada serial eaters yang aku kenal kat singapore ni.semua orang on diet! uwaaaaaaa….

    i won’t forget ur cheese n sardine sandwiches. i would not have thought of such a combo.

    jia yoh uja! detour punya pasal, exercise sikit je pun takpe kan?

  5. fuyo ujaaaa!!

    every food you mention in the blog sounds so tempting.

    even brad sounds … good (looking) brad pitt kah? nak ikut lah pergi kelas encik brad.

    semakin kerap ye kamu update blog. teruskan dengan usaha.

  6. eh aper nih? exercise 30 minit, makan berpinggan2…fries pulak tuh! mcm jugak kau kat rumah, lari 1 round, prata 2 pinggan hehehe..

    jgn marah, kau tau aku kan sayang sama kau!

  7. nazrah: kenapalah kau ingatkan aku pasal sandwich tu, now i feel like having em!

    raudha: brad is hot. brad is hot. Not. I dont even know how he looks like, nanti aku tanya MIL eh.

    Ely: oh ely…kenapalah kau mengingatkan aku tentang episod lama di Tampines tu – lari 1 round and makan 2 prata. Sekarang aku dah double malu …*wink*

  8. Uja, I think no need to exerciselah, sebab ada yg mengatakan bila kita dah exercise ni makin banyak kita makan…so bila tak senaman, jadi tak teruja nak makan dan makan.

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