Thank you girls!

So let us make an effort to keep it as a rule,

That each one needs the other within the Katong school.

The night that was.

I cannot stop thinking what I do to deserve such a resounding farewell, from some of the women in my life whom I admire most for their beauty, gusto, intelligence, adventure, verve and friendship that have stood decades.

It was a wild night, to say the least – from the beautiful dinner all-white party set-up, to the spring colours that I so loved for the drapes, to the gorgeous looking food, the lovely flower centrepiece, the awesome toast albeit on sparkling juice, to the retro non-stop dancing of 80’s music, to the limbo games and musical chairs and the squeals and screams and squeals and screams that must have driven DA’s neighbours mad! The best..was of course the time when I merely sat on the rocking chair and listened to the female bonding chatter that we all did late into the night..what a way to celebrate friendship indeed.I am so thankful for this bunch of gal pals.

Thank you ladies, you are the best. I know I can’t post pictures here due to the very revealing dress code (ooppss…), but here’s a glimpse.


  1. Retro non-stop dancing of 80’s music? just my kind of scene, hehe. sounds like a whole lotta fun! 🙂

    p.s. Managed to catch “Jalan” on Sunday nite. Dan begitu hebat sms-ing with Naz, hehe.


  2. Am pretty sure most girls from any school or any part of the world wld enjoy that kind of an all-girl party 😉 It’s a nice break from the usual hectic life .

    Will post better pictures soon.

  3. wow! sounds like quite the party! wish i was there….can’t wait to see you in a couple of weeks!

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