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A bunch of 16 year-olds got together after school yesterday, rolled up their sleeves and spent a few of their precious teen-hours to bake a cake.

It was the sweetest birthday cake I have ever got. Thanks to my niece Insyirah, and her gang of lovely sweet friends, whose verve and energy reminds me so much of my own teen years. It is the biggest compliment when teenagers who are so busy with their own happening lives remember your big day and bake a cake, no less!

Thanks girls. I wish you all well for this coming ‘O’s. You will all make fine, successful ladies I know!

Because I had some curious people *wink* asking me about the food and deco by Cooking Swatch during last Saturday’s party, here is a peek.



    Happy Birthday Girl!!!

    Semoga kau sentiasa meriah dan happy! Sihat dan dapat anak cepat-cepat! Gosh, i did not know it’s ur bday! Singapore will definitely call you back cuz it’s going to be somekind void when u r not here to light it up.

    Selamat semuanya okay?

  2. and i love the canapes. tak pahit ke itu rocket salad? tapi lawa so calling them the next time i do a do.thanks 4 the pics. aku ni pasal makan memang terUJA

  3. eh smoked salmon and caviar lagi…abeh itu chocolate macam aku pernah nampak…72% dark cocoa right…ah so the very delish!

    ok better not spam ur comment box

  4. Insyirah: yes In, can definitely be Bakers In Pink!

    Intan: spammer! spammer!! spammer!Technically I dont have a birthday this year ler, cause there is no 29 Feb this yr. Thanks for the wishes.
    I didnt eat the arugula pizza, I was too busy walloping the salmon!

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