And that is, ladies and gentlemen…a wrap.

Few things in life will repeat itself. You either make it better, experience it worst, or notice remnants of deja vu in another setting that will, in some obscure way, put a sweet smile on your face. I experienced that somewhere between 1.20 am and 2.45 am in ZB’s patio, sitting on a cushioned wooden chair underneath a bevery shade, inhaling the nicotine-laced air that was fighting furiously with the fresh smell of curry leaves in her garden, and twirling the green beads that was hanging from my neck.Around me was the company of four men and four women with whom I have spent endless hours arguing, laughing, eating, criticising and encouraging. Their sheer passion and dedication amazes me.Their confidence is contagious. Their energy encapsulates my every dream of what a team should be.

I love this team. Making JALAN was somewhat a rite of passage for not only me, I discover, but also a few others I know in the team. I am glad that JALAN made superman Naz to feel so proud of his Malay roots, Intan to get to have a story to tell her kids, Raudha to know intimatelt the endless energy of Singapore’s streets, Fad to show me and Zai what bravery in the name of adversity means,Halim to feel the surety that there is still an info-ed in him, Wan to have the world discover his talents, Sanif to impart his fierce focus style of work, Yem to raise the bar in intelligent tv hosting, Jo to show that there is indeed room for drama in documentaries, Norfa to demonstrate calmness in the midst of a trigger-happy crew, Haider to make me hold on to the belief that 50% of a good program comes from audio, and confidence for In, Muni and Liyana in their growing years.

JALAN had its whoppingly fun and introspective wrap party yesterday. We had 4 hours of wild laughter complete with spoof awards and food, and another 4 hours late into the wee hours of the morning talking about our lives and hopes. The day ended with an activity we all so loved – cam whoring, at 3 am, no less.

But JALAN to me was a lot more. It smoothens this difficult transitional moments when I am about to move and leave all that I know and love behind to start a new life and chapter with DH,my true North.

Thank you Allah for this team. And thank you for making JALAN happen the way it is. You showed me once more what the power of doa is.


  1. ck and ely: thank you! We had a blast making it!

    5150: will post soon! promise!! we missed you at the party lah!But work life balance must prevail eh?

    isabellahiri: i shld eh?

    summersnail: thank you! Hope you manage to catch it too.

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