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I managed to find a similar scene to how our meetings look like at Planet Work, but of course, the Bhemdods are NOT as good looking as those potrayed in the picture.

I have thrown in my lightsaber. I am always spending time finding it – under the table, in the washroom, in my bag – all of which are not very conducive for me to make it in time to fight the dark forces of the Bhemdods. It does not help that I do have a compatriot who is err..a bit dense in the head and forever thinking that the lightsaber we are equipped with to fight the Bhemdods is for him to use as a pen. Sigh. So I have given up.

My last day at the Planet will be in a few weeks. I have given the Empress Dowager 6 weeks notice, way above the requirement of my notice period to give her time to figure things out and find my replacement. Generous am I? I don’t know. Maybe just plain stupid.

Much of my push factor to leave the Planet and is due to the fact that I am moving to Canada, finally. It will be the end of the year, and I am facing huge emotional and physical displacement issues but I am dealing with it, one day at a time. It has been very interesting handling post-resignation questions from friends. I have quite a few who asked – so how are you going to afford the spa sessions if you quit and freelance instead?! Goodness, for these ladies – their voices trembled, one of them had a face so white that I had a flash of brilliance that all her blood had actually flushed out of her wind system from The Crack where the sun refuses to penetrate, and another was earnest enough to say – “Let me guess…you bought a package!”.

A package I did buy! Do you think I would be so foolish as to quit a well-paying job and yet and not buy a package spa deal to ensure that I still get my dosage of kneads and aromatherapy scents, every month? When I am on that spa-table, my Toye look (refer to the Ostrich below, who IS my Toye Yoda) degenerates into a smiling animal – almost stealing the summer look of a mountain goat. I have not, however, beaten my cousin’s record of drooling through the round hole while lying face down on the spa table though. Dia tertidur. Tak glam langsung!

So yes, I will miss the scene above soon. After all, it is only during such meetings that I am able to practise my Toye look. As most of you know, I fail often to ‘look it’.

I am letting the Bhemdods live in their own little world, finally.


  1. finally, no more warring with the aliens huh.

    freelance pun okay ma. kalau byk sgt pass le kat saya *hint hint*

    wah , package menaikkan pipi ada?

  2. package menaikkan pipi ada, datang ajer kat rumah kita – eat what I eat, and you will get there! hehe..

  3. uja, u’re looking for me? email me at or call me. i sent u YM.

    so u have decided. i think u have made the right decision. u dont belong anywhere excpet to be with ur hubby kan?

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