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Now it must have been the most painful, yet hilarious movie to watch. Of all films, Chinta Kaseh Sayang – the 1965 movie by Hussain Sanif made the mark to open this year’s Screen Singapore Festival. It was a simple film about a lonely wife of a painter who seeks attention from other men – a stalking car salesman and a smooth-talker who offers peanuts as an opening line to be exact. It didnt help that I subtitled the film, and therefore knew what riveting scene will come next. Not.

Anyway, I came with GA – a girlfriend of 20 years who have seen my slimmer days. We were seated with SO, an upcoming director (who is still working on a 3 year old documentary and wore a Burmese skirt on my wedding day,and yes, he is MALE) and with whom I have worked with and had many, and I do mean MANY, arguments with. Oh, let me correct that, they are artistic arguments. We still sing songs about each other’s work though. And beside SO, there was also AM – the very talented and illustrious playwright. Combine all 4 of us in a row watching an old Malay film with scenes of tight-fitting kebaya, and “Would you like some peanuts?” as pick-up lines – it was plain RIOT. Half the time, we were squealing. SO was busy muttering, ‘Oh My God! Oh My God! Can’t make it! Can’t make it!’ even though I warned him about criticising how the film was shot. There was a close-up of a man taking off his socks, so hey, I dont blame his complaints. I think he nearly shouted “CUT!” many times.

I realised very quickly that me, GA and AM make good, symphonic squeals. Initially we had guffaws, then they broke into loud laughters, and as the movie dragged on – our hilarity-reactions turned into squeals. Yikes. Scary eh.

But, the killer scene was when the actors did the twist. Boy, did I feel like getting up from my seat and just ‘do it’. See, I always thought my hijab did me good – cos in my disco days, I would have just stand up and twist my fat butt within a 1 metere radius. Never mind that SO would probably turn to me and repeat the same complaint – “Oh My God! Can’t make it!”.

How anyone can do the twist with such immaculate bodies, I dont know. It is a strange form of dance, because for me – a dance is always, always a free form of movement. But the twist is the antithesis of that, your body is allowed to wiggle only within a certain radius, your knees have to be bent within a precise of angle of 45 degrees and your hands, correction your wrists, have to flap itself as if they are wiping windows. Hmmph. Oh My God. I can’t make it.

There will be a string of movies made in Singapore that will showing at the Screen Singapore ( for the festival. Catch it, and yes…beat our squeals!


  1. My God! I just listened to your singing on your blog Intan! And it IS HAPPENING! I had no idea that you sing or write songs?!

    We are thinking of watching the Pontianak series on Aug 20, nak ikut tak? Not sure if tickets dah habis though.Mario Menado will be coming too!

  2. ujaaaaaaaaaa…i got a pee wee lil secret. i am a wuss when it comes to horror movie. jenis po-yik. tangkap melalak kat situ jugak. i’d take on any other movie though asal jgn citer antu.

    thanks 4 thinking it’s happening what i do.*hugs*

    next time i see you i seriously have to hug u and not slip in n out or the car without a chance to exchange good qi. i got ely, maknenek and ely kirim-ing hugs n cud not pass them hugs to u that day.

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