Rumsfeld for coffee, ma’m?

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I had a giggly spa-party yesterday – so giggly that it will be considered pornographic if I were to describe the details of what made four 33-year olds former schoolmates giggled non-stop. But I had such a good time I have to tell some! 😉

The 3-hour session was supposed to be filled with a massage, steam/sauna bath, a soak in a seaview jacuzzi and then some refreshments of sushis, chicken fingers and Japanese beans. It was absolutely hilarious to be paired with KYC, my former classmate in our all-girls secondary school, who was also my seat-partner. Back then, we were so noisy and talkative that our form teacher made us sit right in front of the class, as that was the only way he could control our ‘noise’. In my report card, I had Bs and Cs and he would write – ‘You survived this on natural wit’. Damn. Why didn’t he just write ‘Work harder’?!

Anyway, I digress. Back on the spa table, KYC and me were yakking non-stop – about love and marriage, the publishing firm I work for, F1 and Bernie Ecclestone, a Malaysian datuk who was a scam, a former boss and many other issues while the therapists dutifully knead our knots and tangles with what felt like hot massage oil. We must have yakked non-stop, and then complaint about how stressed we are with work and life that the therapist actually stopped massaging and said – ‘You girls better stop talking about work, you are suppose to relax here!’.
We said sorry, fell silent and just 2 seconds later, she quipped – ‘Err..but your conversation very interesting lah!’. Gosh, make up your mind woman.

The spa-party was a form of celebration for KYC’s birthday, and so we decided to join her b’day dinner with her family at the Shangri-La. When we reached there, there were like 100+ policemen blocking the roads to the hotel, gurkhas with guns on stand-by (I heard later that the instructions given to the gurkhas were – anyone who circled the area more than 3 times have to be shot – at the tyres ) and the hotel’s carparks were all non-accessible. The last time The Shang had such a Level 1 tight security was when Bush was in town. It was my kepo questioning to the guards that we realise there was an international ministerial conference going on. Ok, so be it. I wanted my dinner, and I could not care less who was in town and how many security clearance points I had to go through. My dinner agenda stays.

Today, I flipped the papers and realised that was a conference attended by 250 defence delegates. DEFENCE. That spelt Rumsfeld, Teo Chee Hean and Najib. And so I was right.While we were dining away downstairs enjoying our pizza and lassi, Rumsfeld was a few floors above our heads either snoozing, resting or perhaps bidding on eBay on his laptop. What a thought. I would have lost my appetite.

But alas, political preferences aside – I enjoyed my dinner. See, keeping focused always help. My food – will always, always come first.

Fortunately, none of the waiters asked me – “Rumsfeld for coffee, ma’m?”. My reply would probably be – “No, kopi-baba would do”.

And I AM serious.


  1. haluuu…

    so that’s where they were meeting.

    i agree with you kopi yakun kaya pun always better that rumsfeld.

  2. uja, if only our reunion dulu tu was held at a spa…but your apartment withthe swimming pool was good as well. Just trying to imagine all of us berkemban and all. about your non stop yakking tu…ish, I can just imagine!! btw i have been promised a free massge and pampering treatment – bali massage you!! di holiday villa! sure will blog abt it.

  3. hahaha, kak teh, the berkemban part sounds very inviting. i would be the 1st one to go! i tak pernah pergi spa. kepingin pulak nak gi eh!

  4. elo minah! finally sampai jugak kat ur blog. heh heh…spa party part 2 hor…donch porjet…:P

  5. This is the first time I jumped to your blog. You sound so familiar…have we met before hehehe

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