Knead me crazy

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No, the above message is not for my DH. Its for the masseuse – who epitomises the direct, unflappable bond between a hard turning, firm hand that can knead the hardest dough (often, that’s my flesh!) and a stressed out, tangled piece of muscle which has been exposed to the frustration of battling Bhemdods at work.You want to be the first to watch War of The Worlds? Come to my workplace. And no, I am not the alien.

What’s with us girls and spas, massages and salons – aku pun tak tahu. I overdid it this month. My bank balance say so, my husband just shook his head (well, I can FEEL he shook his head, although I cannot see him on the phone when he is 18,000 miles away) and my own conscience just grin and smile at my weakness for spas. This past month alone I have been to Anggun Andaman Spa, Balik Kampung Spa twice, spa partying at The Retreat Thalasso Spa, twice to the hair salon (to reperm my rebonded hair, and then reborn again!) and cancelled on Wayan Retreat twice too.

I think I have spent more than $1000 on these treats, and all because – to keep my sanity. It is no wonder that what happened this week at work was the final straw for me, and I am still contemplating my next move. Should I quit and move on to green and snowy Canada, where a doting husband, mountains and husky sleigh-rides abound (*grins to my Seoul Garden dinner companions*), or stay a while longer here in SG. Sigh, I dont know. All I know is that I cannot be spending more than a 1000 in cold cash everytime I need to be sane, yes?

Stick to berzikir, you say? I hear you. Itu tasbih sekarang jugak kena cari!


  1. uja, I do so need a knead…all those knots on my back and shoulders! I have a free offer for a balinese massage – tapi takut gli! hehehe

  2. hai juz. kesian aku tengok kau. i think thats ur avenue to de-stress urself fm thinking of shazron kan? thats ok. altho its an expensive hobby/therapy, as long as it makes u feels sane, thats all that matters.

    remember we discussed abt this before? should u stay or should u go? remember i also asked u what is ur purpose of staying longer? would u be happier?

    i know, being away from ur loved one can be oh so painful. just dont make urself suffer too much ok.

    u know that i am just a chat away if u wanna talk.

    eh btw, cantik blog baru!

  3. salam classmate ku sayang..
    i would definitely be with my husband, as my obligations are now to him…but thats just my 2cents, u should think hard abt this girl, dah lama sangat berpisah, 🙁 ko kerja untuk menghabiskan duit plak!

  4. Salam perkenalan, Uja. Great blog!

    Am supposed to meet up with you and Nazrah this coming Saturday but am gonna have to tarik diri as my mom in law decided to come to SG on that very day (she’ll stay with us for a week or so). My apologies. Hope to get to meet you on another occasion tho.

    *CK the spa-addict jugak* (only wish I had bags of money to indulge myself in this addiction!)

  5. salam semua,

    sorry menghilang sekejap – I have been fighting Aliens at work. Sekejap kena keluarkan lightsaber, sekejap kena sembur air jampi – all did not work! ehehe..

    Kakteh: pergi ajer lah for the massage! dont geli-geli, they say kalau geli when orang urut maknannya masih dara. Errr..nampak sah not a good saying! 😉

    Ely: Thank you dear, yes I am always comforted by the fact that my rantauan girlfriends will understand what I am going through, or will go through when I migrate. I feel my calling to be in Canada is stronger now somewhat. And my husband cannot stop talking abt SF next yr! Cheh!

    Maknenek: oh! Engkaulah spiritual compass ku! I take inspiration from you sista, although aku kutuk kau all the time! Tough love lah katakan 😉

    cestmoick: Salam berkenalan! Oh what a pity we cannot meet! I am looking forward to meeting Cik Spasti, and then give report to Interpol! hehehhe…come visit ya, keropok dengan kopi kat sini selalu habis sebab tuan punya blog kuat ngap! hehehe

  6. aiseh bedah uja….u ni kroni interpol ke? *shivers*

    apa macam kompem tak esok?

  7. wah! super meriah la madam uja nih!!!

    thanks for the wonderful company and for taking me to siglap. i makan sampai licin pinggan u…mudah2an murah rezeki u, sebab blanja wa makan.

    terima kasih planet saturn
    lain kali i punya turn

    pesen baru perut terbosey
    jangan serik sudah la okay?

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