The music stops again.

For the past 14 days, the iPod mini was plugged tightly into my ears – my heart was entertained from one song to another and my otherwise vulnerable soul could take all the emotions that music usually evoke – all because, my husband is here. Here, as in in Singapore. Here, as in just within a turn away when I badly need to see his sweet face.

Tomorrow, about this time, I will be whiling away the time, eyes in tears and heart in pain. He will be leaving tomorrow, back to his adopted country 18,000 miles away and it is back to our long-distance marriage again. Life is hard but oh so beautiful. I don’t know if I will be stronger, but I know I will be crying. Again.

We chose not to spend the 2 weeks he was here on short holidays, but live up the Singapore life instead. So it is eat, eat and eat, playing badminton at the Tampines Sports Hall, paying homage to Mustafa Centre, hanging out with my silly cousins and annoying best friend on a Friday night at Samar Cafe, having a romantic date watching Ten Tenors at Esplanade and alfresco candlelight dinner at Al Dente, get myself spooked at the Night Safari and visits to relatives (like 10 in total!). We had so much fun, and it is now ending.

I will look forward to his next visit, or mine perhaps. For now, the iPod will definitely be played less often and the radio dial unmoved for a while. The music stops again.


  1. ujaaaaaaaa, my heart goes out to you and mai kak teh give you a big HUGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!
    kesian…and kak teh listening to Alley Cats – am trying to get them out of my systems!!

  2. uja, do u want to get together some time? let’s eat cake, ice cream and semua2 tu lah. msg me on YM karmaalmitra

  3. sampaikan lahhh salam cinta kuuuu pada nyaaa…

    mrs uja…know how it feels…sehari bagaikan setahon kann? but hey, distance makes the heart grows fonder…they say lah…i dunno who’s the ‘they’. hehee…


  4. Thank you alll!!! Its been more than a week, and I have been coping better than the last time he was here and left. Being busy helps.

    Working on weekends help too…gosh do I sound like I have no life or what? 😉

  5. when you receiced the Alleycats CD, make sure the music desn’t stop! 🙂
    It is on its way to you.

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