Resigned to a lesser team

Suddenly I am faced with a situation most managers hate to face – resignations! My entire English team is gone (actually, there are only 2 of them but hey, that IS an entire team)! Just 10 mins after I briefed my boss aka Publisher about it , another workhorse in the office gave us a heads up that she may not last till the end of the year. All their reasons for resigning from the publishing industry is the same – tired, exhausted and jaded. Some, were even dragging their feet to work. They also have youth, young age and hunger-for-more in common.

I bet this issue has been addressed by many a managing editors before. Okay, there is only ONE managing editor post, a few senior editors and never-too-many editors (*we publish 300 titles maah!* ah kan…teloh Sin-Cia-Por dah keluar) How do you let the younger ones see the big picture and keep them happpy. How do you let them see there is a track ahead of them, albeit the cone of hierarchy gets smaller and therefore more competitive? I dont know, and this one I really have to figure. Soon, others will feel the same and I want to nip this in the bud if I can. But how?!


  1. Erm, saudari, saya nak komen sikit lah. link yang awak buat tu, nampaknya ada masalah sikit. font size dan bullet tak consistent. nampaknya, awak ni tidur dalam kelas 😉

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