Journalist – signing off…

‘Recruit page 16 – AlJazeera looking for Executive Producer – based in KL!:)

That was the content of a text message I received this morning from an economist friend. He was obviously pouring through the recruitment pages of The Straits Times today and was excited at the ad. Before my fingers could even start tapping away on the tiny keypad which is often too bloody small for my fat fingers, to reply his message (to say ‘Thanks, but I got a job now and like it!’) another text message came.

‘Am in Kl now – I got job 4u! AlJazeera is looking for Exec Producer. Will bring back the ad’.

This time, the text message came from my best friend who IS in KL, and obviously trawling the recruitment pages of a Malaysian paper.

Coincidence? Maybe. Excited? A little. But my calling? No.

I am not sure about if what happened today were signs to apply, but my heart says no. 3 years ago, back in 2003 when life was in a lonesome apartment in Cyberjaya, work involved crooks and lawyers (if you prefer to name the lawyers as crooks – you are granted that opinion too) and every day I read the Quran to finish it – signs were aplenty. Someone told me that when you are often alone and talking to God, your other dimension is very attuned to the universe and His message.

These days, my intuitive reaction to something alike the double text messages from 2 different people, in 2 different countries – would be err…it is just coincidence. But what is coincidence? Is it a sign? Sigh. So confusing!!

My husband says I should apply. But do one apply when one is not interested? I like my job, I am building myself and I want to focus and deliver.

He says he will apply for me anyway. Ah well…Suddenly the job-hunting focus is on me now. Is that a sign too?


  1. haizzz…naik pening kepala. I decided not to apply. Baru start kerja, takkan nak apply lain pulak kan. Tapi hati memekik-mekik..’KL!! KL!!’…;)

  2. Saya tidak apply! Tak taulah kalau Shaz apply without me knowing, since he has my CV. Hari ni bad day kat opis – so macam nak apply gitu! hahahah…isshh

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