Political woes

The workplace is such a potpouri of characters. Some with political agendas, some lost in the motion, some completely clueless, some with ideal perfect-world scenarios, some with shifted priorities and some preoccupied with I-deserve-better mentalities. But they never leave!. So who works?

I have a fairly young team. Say 20s to late 30s tops. Most have been in the workforce for less than 5 years, and thus find the workplace as a very demanding, and stressful place for their youth. Their complaints are endless. Some don’t of course, but their drooped heads and endless sighs are very telling. On the upper crust (this is beginning to sound like a recipe!) there are those with bitterness to intense that I cannot escape a conversation with the person without having the person tell me at least some ‘insight’ into how things are run. Is that a form of naivity from someone who has been working for years, masked with a tad more sophistication? Hmmm…

My years have taught me that information is power. How you use the information, is a measure of your tenacity to survive, or fail – if I can borrow a term from Carolyn Kepcher’s book – spectacularly. The information and intelligence I gather will only help me to know how to deal with certain people so that the best result can be reaped – with a common goal in sight, and agreed by both parties.
The problem with office politics is, many get confused in between, and treat it as personal. These are usually the same people who claims, “I dont play office politics, I just want to work.” Bull.

I love dealing and managing people, cos I am dealing with the intangibles. It is a challenge (thats why i love it lah!) to stay principled, focus on the company’s goals and yet get the best from this array of characters who got confused along the way. It is a zoo, but hey – animals do entertain.


  1. I’ve been freelancing for so long that I have forgotten what it must be like working in one place for a long time. What I know is that I do not miss the office politics. I go to one place, do my work, then out of the door to another…and so on. Its lonely, cos u dont have work colleagues, but I like it. Say hello and then goodbye.

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