Hormonal confusion

This entry will be so anti-thetic to the World Cup fever that is going on worldwide right now, that I am compelled to write a disclaimer just so that I can avoid the brickbats later. But hey, I am going to write it anyway.

I realise quickly this morning that hormones AND spectator sports do not mesh like boiled potatoes and butter. I ditched watching this morning’s World Cup matches just so that I can view Game #6 of the Stanley Cup – between Edmonton Oilers and Carolina Hurricanes. Edmonton, for those of you of who do not know where it is – is in the middle (almost) of Canada – Alberta to be exact.It is a big city with skyscapers, complete with the biggest mall in North America to boast. Being in Alberta means that they share the same clouds as the very same beautiful scenery you saw in Brokeback Mountain, as the movie was shot there. Ah those gorgeous lips…the river banks that is! I love the backdrop of that movie, although I must admit I could not survive the entire movie as it was too errr…slow. Macam cerita Hindustan.

Anyway back to the hormones. Game #6 was held in Edmonton, so you can imagine the Canada-patriotic crowd. The stadium was electric, it had computerised signs flashing across the stadium saying “You are in Oil Country!”, which is not a pun because Alberta is an oil-rich province, so the guy who once told me that Arabs rule the world because they “pee keluar minyak” can now put a shoe in his mouth. Bah.

So just before the game begin, an operatic singer came out to the ice, accompanied by 2 RCMP men in their No.1 gear, singing the Star Spangled Banner for Carolina. The crowd cheered, there was an obvious sizeable number of American fans in the Canadian stadium, and I – err, cried. I reached for a box of tissues nearby quickly before MIL and SIL wake up and see me in tears listening to the US Anthem, and just as I finished wiping the last of my tears, the same operatic singer broke out in the Canadian anthem.

Oh my. The stadium was roaring and thunderous with the proud singing of the anthem. The singer, automatically put the mike in the air and let the Canadian fans sing the rest of the anthem for him, and what a proud moment it was! By this time, my hormones were totally out of control and I was hyperventilating. My tears were like Niagara Falls as my mind battled with sanity, reminding that it is only a game.

The fireworks cracked when I caught myself opening my mouth singing,”Ooooo Canada we stand on guard for theeee….”. I closed my mouth, and then there was the repeat chorus. I was ashamed, but it was instantaneous this time.With tears rolling and nose now almost clogged, I sang AGAIN!…”Ooooo Canada we stand on guard…(high octave this time) fooorrrrr…..theeeeeeeeeee !!!!”.

Yikes ! Next thing I know I had an inner voice chiding me,” Oi! Singaporean kelong!!”.

Someone please stop me from watching anymore ice hockey. Not when I am having PMS.


  1. ewah ewah ewah…tak sedar diri eh…?

    good thing ur inner voice is still very much a singaporean.

    “majulah singapuraaaaaaaaaa…!”

    eh, wait a minute,i forgot I am NOT singaporean!


  2. No No No, I support such emotions!!! good for us to release all those feelings… very the very cathartic… i used to get into fights with pakciks and ah bengs when watching Malaysia Cup at stadium (u cry. i kick, so always tertendang the people in front of me. One time, they can forgive but hundreds of times over ninety minutes – who can tahan???) and my dear ol’ boyfriend (at that time lah) had to hold me back… kesian dia, always have to explain that it’s because I get spasms (then i have to act belo to keep up pretences) and forgot to take medication…. heh… momok#1

  3. nazrah: hahaha very funny! Dia pun sama tak sedar diri 😉

    Momok #1: You kick people in front of you for what?! Actually, you dont have to do much to ACT belo – you know, it comes naturally for momoks like you! Muahahahaha….

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