One Cup too many

What a day it has been! A day like this is not good for a hypertensive person like me, because my blood pressure is going nowhere but upwards! See how many exclamation marks there are in this first para?!! Need I say more?!!!

Anyway, it is Monday here in Canada, and DH is working from home. The blood pressure outburst started with a gut-wrenching game between Italy and Ghana, thanks to the World Cup. Yes I know, it is ridiculous to even think Ghana will win when it is Italy they are fighting against, but I am a great believer in the underdogs ok?! See, that exclamation mark again! Sigh.

I was shouting and screaming at the TV screen, almost hoping that the screen will shout back at me. I remember World Cup 2002 really well, when it was the June holidays in Singapore and my nieces and nephews were over most of the time. That was great fun!

A few hours later it was time to watch Game 4 of the Stanley Cup Finals, which is – get ready for this, between Edmonton (Canada) and Carolina (USA). Canada has always taken pride that ice hockey is their game, that men slashing ice is a very Canadian thing, and about the only activity that Canadians take part in unabashly to beat each other up. There is so much beating up with the stick between the players, you won’t believe it. As a Singaporean friend of mine just asked yesterday over MSN, “Kenapa dorang tak pukul ajer sampai mampus?!”. Hmm, let me think about that one.

Anyway, I am not a quiet spectator when it comes to games. I scream and shout and hold my tongue from cursing all the time. I know better than to curse, because there will be thousands of others will be doing that for me. As I am writing this, there is still a good 1 hour left to Game 4, and North Carolina is leading, and I already having a headache – a major sign that my blood pressure is up. My left chest wall is in pain too, which only means that my heart is thumping a tad too fast.God,pls dont let me die watching a game. It is so …err…uncool.

If you see another post on this blog, well, you know I survived the cup-mania today 🙂 And I promise there will be no more exclamation marks!

Whoops…there goes one.

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  1. oh-oh you sound like a veteran in spectator sports already. but did you forget the compulsory dips into that bin of nachos?

    don’t forget to breathe, and centralize ur chi during halftime. it can get pretty exciting no?

    enjoy it!

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