The Wisdom of Parties

Women and parties are like fish and water. Or maybe, is it more like the bird and the skies. Lame.
I know, I know! It is like sambal belacan and ikan kering. No?

I foresee this coming February to be my party-happy month. There are 3 swirling in my head right now –

A) A wrap party for the JALAN crew
B) A farewell party that GAB is kindly and exuberantly organising for my departure
C) A Celebrating The 30’s party at D’s house possibly – women only!

Like writing, all 3 has distinct target market, and boy it has been a headache just thinking about them. With Party A, the options swayed from the typical eat-at-buffet-restaurant-until-you-burp-with-leftover-production-money type, to disco rave at Ministry of Sound thanks to the sweaty wants and desires of the male species in the crew, and to a Mediteranean I-cook-so-you-guys-better-eat ensemble at ZB’s movie-poster filled apartment. How do you make a hardworking team happy – when the range of members range from the teens to the mothers and fathers of school-going kids?

Party B is technically headache-free since I know GAB is a queen at organising such dramatic ones. Take how she organised my hen party 2 years ago at Samar. I heard that GAB, in her true legendary style, actually HAD time to go to a spa in an Indonesian island and had her hair relaxed and moisturised a few hours before the hen party, lugged the belly-dancer costumes all the way there and still make it in time – and err, VERY energetic when I arrived. And I thought I WAS the bride-to-be. GAB is still hunting for locations as of now, and kept pestering me on what kind of party I wanted. And me, well, just like my wedding video saga, I just can’t decide.

Party C was initially conceptualised as a housewarming for D’s huge place overlooking the runway, with a Retro theme. We wanted to relive the ‘function’ days where How Do I Know by Whitney Houston will be THE song that will have us girls prancing on table tops. Then, it evolved into a farewell one for me instead since I am leaving in a month, and the idea is to have just a few of us cackling good ol’ school days away. And then, as of today, Party C has morphed into a supremo gathering of celebrating the 30’s with a guest list that can form holding companies. I didn’t realise that so many of my girlfriends are women in their own rights now because when we all meet, it is just plain banter about politics and shallow gossips about this and that. The challenge is – how DO you organise a party for a noisy group of Type A’s who have travelled to the corners of Tuscany and sky-dived in the Australian skies at 20. I don’t know, because it is damn scary! I surely do not want to be leading the planning for this one.

So it will be Party C that will be the task for the month for some of us. In true women style, the planning kept on changing because hey, the flowers has to colour-matched and the cutlery has to be shiny silver – the kind that can double up as a mirror to touch up the noses. What I do know, Cooking Swatch will be summoned to draw up a halal list of mouth watering gastronomic elements. Gosh it is so nice to have friends in the party business.And he has NOT even been informed!

I seriously don’t know if Party C will happen. All I have in my head right now is a vision of a big Big BIG flower arrangement of lovely tulips and sweet lilies.

Ah women. So hard to please.


  1. how to have party in SF when aku masih di benua Asia ? Tunggulah mac bila penhijrahan bermula..then baru boleh lay out all the Merayap Masterplan for the year. Heee..

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