Conversations in a Parallel Universe

Here’s a conversation that happened today while walking along Bukit Pasoh with a director friend. Who also happened to marry someone I grew up with. Whose daughters also call me Mama XXX. Ok, you get the picture how comfortable I am with him.

Director Friend: So…has it been satisfying being an Executive Producer for JALAN?

Me: Ah? Hmmm….uhh…hmmmm…(look at apek walking in front)…oklah. Good hires, bad hires. Always have to remind myself I am paid to lead and therefore make the best of what I have. But I realise I work best with….(car zooms pass)….

Director Friend: So you’d do it again?

Me: Yes! JALAN Vietnam..JALAN China…

Did anyone ever think of JALAN Ellesmere Island? Now THAT would be cool eh?


  1. alamaakk…camne eh? Will send you a DVD that has the episode on Nazrah’s syair teluk blangah or the one with Fort Canning ? Can only send after broadcast – which is in feb. Email me your addy can?

  2. hehehe – cannnnnnnnn! eh – u know I found my copies of my documentaries ..the one on the liver transplant as well as the Warisan Warkah Melayu – tapi video machine pulak rosak – so cannot test yet whether the tape is still good or not. will leave my address di YM lah.

  3. ish si maknenek niee…sibuukk ajer 😉 Kerana kaulah my sister-in-bicker for me, ok we will send!
    Where to? Email me your address.

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