Get me a better theory

Someone told me, actually…make that two – that people tend to watch more television during a downturn. It is a way for people to escape the gloom and doom. Ah well…escape, khayal …they all mean the same thing.

It was the kind of statement most producers want to hear I suppose. But for some reason, I was not able to hook myself to that seemingly sweet notion. This downturn is different because while people are happy to watch more television, it does not mean that the advertiser will be spending ad dollars in the broadcasting space. Declining ad ratios is already so rampant and a downturn will basically turn that prudence into panic. Unless of course, if broadcasters are willing to lower their rates. But IF they do, it only means that the license fees given to us producers, get lower. In a highly unionised industry like television and film that means unfortunately, the buck stops with us, the producers.

And so you can tell I am not hot about the idea that people are watching more television during a downturn. It does not mean a thing to me because it is secondary to the growth we all need to harbour a sliver of hope.