APPsolutely interesting

I am no iPhone junkie (ok I’m lying) but the apps in that little device is serving way beyond its purpose of entertainment, education and productivity. Serious.

The next time you are shopping around the App Store via iTunes, take the time to click on App Stores of other countries. Trawl through the list of Top 10 apps (free or paid) and it will give you a quickie little window into what’s hot in the App download world, in OTHER worlds. You will quickly realise that not every country is into UrbanSpoon or Shazam or Whatsapp – some unfortunately, are into something more raw and visceral, of the animal instinct kind.

Take Saudi Arabia for example. The top paid app for them is : Arab Girls (photography app people…yeah right!). There is no need for me to openly analyse the factors that contribute to this phenomenon, but seriously…how telling is that?

Have some free time? Go browse the global App Stores. Not the fairest sample size to make a sociological conclusion, but hey…it’s a digital world. And I never claim it’s academic.