Forgetting the reality checks

Sometimes I get chills reading the title of this blog. Still thinking. Stiiiilllll thhiiinnnkiiinggg. I wonder sometimes what is keeping my mind still thinking, or if my mind has reached a certain stillness that none of your demons can talk you out of something. Either way its a mystery. Either way, I like it.

So that Palin lady has been keeping me glued to CNN in my moments of forgetfulness. It is indeed Ramadan and the US Presidential Elections should not be a must-watch.

I remember feeling incredibly insulted when McCain announced Palin as his VP candidate, because it was a transparent move for the Republicans to charm Hillary’s supporters. How dare he thought that women will vote for him just because he has a woman on his ticket. I would vote for a woman because she IS capable, thank you, and not because she has a uterus. And as my mind ramble and co-analyse the politics with the oh-so-overkilled panel on CNN, I realise that indeed…I am not American. I can influence my American friends on who to vote, but alas I am not the one casting the ballot. Talk abt a case of tak sedar diri. Reality check #1.

This past weeks I have been connecting with old school friends, one of whom is in Vancouver and I haven’t seen for at least 16 yrs. It was a blast…and the chain of hooking up with old friends began from there. One of them was raving and raving on how he admire how much my supposed cool factor (if it ever exist!) went many notches up in his books after he found out the places I have travelled to, often alone. And just when I was about to believe him, I found out that he was piloting the rescue helicopter for RSAF – evacuating Katrina victims. Hahahah serves me right. I think it is pretty obvious WHO the cooler dude/dudette is here.Reality check #2. I am so proud of him. (I still cannot believe we used to perform a dance to Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth on stage in school. Totally oh-biang)

There are a few deadlines to rush these next few days. I know there will be moments I’d forget to retreat internally in between the hassles. To be in a place where there is absolute calmness for worship.

Note to self: Keep thinking, but keep still.

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