Stalking Sarah

For those of you who know, Sarah Mclachlan is right up there in my list of singer/songwriter when it comes to great music. I had dreamt of interviewing her back in my newspaper days, was so close to buying a ticket with my bonus money just to attend Lilith Fair, and the first song I ever sang in public with a band was well, hers. It was Building a Mystery, and I have to credit a lot to SM’s guitar plucking and RLB’s bassline for covering my flaws. Yikes.

Yes, I really like Sarah’s music. A few years ago, I bumped into her in all of places, an Indian restaurant. Both of us were chomping on nans and curry. Ah, there is an achi in all of us after all.

I have always known she lives in Vancouver, but am not sure where. Then a few hours ago, I discover a real treat. Sarah lives in Dunbar, I am sure in a nice swanky home. We live in the same neighbourhood, in a much smaller part of a swanky home.

I am sure Sarah goes to Stongs to get her organic spinach, while I rumble through for lemongrass and mee kuning. Stongs is after all, a fixture for those who live around here and has the freshest produce I ever have seen. Would I say hello to her if I bumped into her at the supermarket – makcik style?I am not sure. “Eh Sarah…ikan naik harga hari ni lah!“, is not exactly musician-fan dynamic. Ah well.

Below is my favourite scene (and song!) from Juno. This was also shot in Dunbar. For those who wants to know what I meant by us living in a ‘much smaller part of a swanky home”, look at where Ellen Page is sitting, see that window underneath the upper level house, thats where we are (not in this house, but a few blocks away lah). I am sure Sarah’s house is a lot bigger with the royalties she is making.

I know the rent in this neighbourhood is overpriced but I just love the neighbourhood a lot more because Sarah lives here. Hah. That fish conversation might just happen soon. I am sure there is a minah in her too.

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  1. Booooommmmm,

    I osso wanna meet Sarah McLachlan…. I love her song ‘Angel’… please be a good makcik/minah/ whatever it takes to strike a conversation with her..

    Jealous aku… waahhh!!!

    I think we shld visit you soon so by the time we come, u already noe Sarah macam kawan same kampung 🙂

    btw I didn’t pay you for the DVD on Little Muslims in the prairie…so ade outstanding IOU k?

  2. i love sarah too! sometimes i berangan that i am her, hairbrush microphone and all.

    and what a nice front yard u have!

  3. Suzanne: Strike a conversation? Jumpa dia kat restoran mama tu ajer lidah dah kelu. Suddenly, I became a shy person! LOL. Some more husband said its not cool (in Canada) to approach celebrities. Aiayayay..leceh.

    No need to IOU the DVDs. Its a gift!

    Nazrah: Heh kita serupa lah dey. Kengkadang hairbrush upgrade sikit, pakai senduk ! LOL.

  4. Hey babe..
    was listening the radio and the dj was mention today’s date. and it just reminds me of u…

    u dont have a comment box, so i am using this…

    U are 9 issit?? *winks*
    have a great one!!
    muacks muacks

    just me

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