Missing Cookie

Dear Cookie,

I hope you are safe, wherever you are. You are very much missed,and your absence have been keeping both of us anxious at night – from both ends of the globe. I hope someone has found you, and have generously kept you warm and fed in their home .

It has been 5 long days and I pray that you will one day find your way to the cat door. Your bowl of food and your favourite toy is right there waiting for you. I am even looking at a live webcam setup just for you, in case you walk in and I can see you.

I remember the day of my departure for SG, you were jumping happily on the frosted grass and was looking at me over the hedge.You made me walk back into the garden and play hide-and-seek with you for a minute or two more, so that you will get distracted. The last time I saw you was when you joyfully hopped your way to the shed.

Stay safe Cookie. We will never give up looking for you.


  1. It has been 6 days now. Someone dropped his collar on our front door on the 2nd day. I can only pray he is safe and will return. Pls make dua for us too ?

  2. aiyah, u dont like this lah… sad sad all.. after a week, u should have it fixed in your head that he’s okay and move on.. i bought new jeans after that lost jeans episode (oi, heart-wrenching tau – heh), they will never be my favourite but they are jeans – geddit? momok#1

  3. beb, i can almost imagine the tears rolling down as i read this entry. Ok let’s think of it this way, whoever adopted him is a nice old lady who will look after him well. Not as good as you, but well. And she thought you may want her collar back for keepsakes.

    Don’t worry, he’s in good hands… HUGS

  4. I know how you feel. It’s happened to me many times and I get all sorts of scary imaginations each time it happens. All you can do is doa for Cookie’s safety. I’m sure Cookie misses you too. *HUGS*


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