Scripting Fiction

I have been a fervent non-champion of anything fiction. I don’t grow up with novels, yes including the romance ones that my eldest sister and late cousin used to devour. I did read a book or two of Enid Blyton, and the several books I got for birthday presents and everything else was a blur.

Now when it comes to non-fiction, you are talking about different levels with me. I lurvee to see logic and congruity. I love facts when they are backed up, even leftist opinions at that. I like clever twists, only when facts are involved. I get more excited by the opinion that reality is a perception… oh what millions of pandora boxes that opens!!

My non-affiliation with fiction extended to tv and movies.DH will be the first to testify he hates, make that HATES watching anything fiction with me. I have a million questions (and comments) on why that character did this and that, why the plot twist must be to THAT way, and what was the writer thinking of when he pulled out THAT surprise. He thinks I am obsessed with tearing things apart, and I always argued back it is because it is my inability to appreciate fiction as much he does. (DH is the kind of audience any producer loves. He watches episodes after episodes of his favourite drama series back to back, and knows the characters so well he can write a 500 page dossier psychonalysing them).

Now, I think I agree with him. I have not told him this of course, I am writing this away safely locked in our home office while he is , well, watching another episode of Heroes. How I come to this realisation is uncanny.

I recently commissioned an experienced TV writer to write a mini-bible for a drama series we are developing. He wrote a 10-pager, sent it in and the drill was to get a colleague in the SG office to review it, while I work on other things involved in getting the pilot commissioned. After all, I am not a drama fan, and my closest partner and colleague in SG knows that well.

When the draft came in, I was scrutinising the pages with a red pen, read and re-read it again – sitting down at my desk, slouched on the sofa with my MacBook, horizontal on my bed …you get the idea. I went through the lines, the choice of names, the continuity of the scenes and I don’t know what else. Mind you, this is only the mini-bible – NOT the script. I had so many comments about this and that, I cannot wait to speak with the said writer.

Now… if you use logic – how can a non-drama fan, who would rather blog than to watch Heroes with her husband in the living room, be so critical of a drama in development? I don’t see the connection at all. Am I a champion of dramas? No. The only connection I see is the fact that I want to see congruity – and the only way to do that is by tearing things up.

So DH is right? Brrr. Now don’t you go telling him that. That would be a spoiler, and we don’t want scenes like that too early in the plot. Hahahaha…


  1. Ade aje kau ni…. don’t u think fiction is inspired by real life – the facts (non-fiction) of life. Don’t flush the writer – he’s using his creativity not congruity.

  2. Heh I know I know. I am trying to control myself and tamper my ‘shredder’ side.

    Anyway…your DVD has arrived!! Habislah kau OD with Little Mosque Season 1 this whole December !!!

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