Why Ice Hockey Is Worst Than A Break-Up

I don’t know the answer. Truly.

All I know is that I cry EVERYTIME the 18,000 fans at GM Place sang the Canadian anthem, I shout (almost) bad accented Malay insults to the attackers when they could not shoot the puck straight into the net (never mind the fact that they do NOT understand Malay, obviously) and I get so very moody when the Vancouver Canucks lose.

When the crowd boo the Canuck’s goalie, Roberto Luongo – I get all mother-henny. “Dont you boo my Luongo Duongo!!” – I will scream at the TV.

Sigh. I don’t even remember being THIS emotional during past break-ups.

I just told DH if we have a son (or another cat), I want to name him Hanafi Naslund Abdullah, after Markus Naslund, Canuck’s centre. Bad sign there.

But Hanafi Naslund sounds better than Hanafi Luongo, no?


  1. i think hanafi naslund sounds nice. I want to see the day whan this mak cik can cuddle hanafi naslund and not just talk abt it. and dont wait too long,my back aint that good anymore.

  2. Oops. Alamak Kakteh, I don’t want to keep you waiting. So Hanafi Naslund the cat boleh eh? eh? eh?

    I promise it will be a ragdoll, or a Birman – ok ok, any cat breed of your choice:)

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