Petomising the Wii

This is Petom. She plays tennis, knock out her own husband in bowling games and shouts, “Ok! I am done!” when she is tired of playing. She is also a spa addict, recently reignited her love for Formula One and in real life, is a producer.

I really am puzzled why the Wii has not hit Singapore shores yet. I saw petitions being signed by avid gamers in Singapore asking the Nintendo distributors to get their act together but the last I checked, the Wii is still a North American escapade. The Wii has impressed almost everyone who had a chance to play it. I was of course, the sceptic , being the non-gamer that I am. So when DH told me that he bought a Wii the week of its release (yes, he pre-ordered. They do these things, these supergeeks) I was err…unimpressed? He went on and on what the Wii is about, yada yada yada…and all I remember thinking was about what I was going to order for breakfast at IHOP.

And then one fine weekend I decided to give it a go. I was shocked when he said we have to remove the coffee table in front of the TV to create more space. What?! I thought this was a normal console game, ala PS3 (btw, thats another story – my SIL queued 10 hours to get that game) or XBox, so why do we have to create space in front of the TV? Aren’t console games the type where you can play sitting down comfortably on the sofa, eat chips and then kill someone in between?

Anyway, I soon learnt that noooo…the Wii is something else. It is a Virtual Reality game. Each player holds a remote, and it moves along with your own hand movement. So basically, if I am playing tennis on the Wii, I have to stand up, hold the remote as if I am holding a racket and swing my hands as per real life. So now you know why we need the space in front of the TV.

I tell you, the last time I held a tennis racket was maybe 8 years back. I am not a good player and I scream a lot on the court, mostly out of boredom because I couldn’t hit the damn green ball. So when I played tennis on the Wii, oh my…it was awesome! Now me and DH are not exactly petite, so we shoved each other quite a bit when we swing our Wii rackets.

I refuse to name my Wii identity after my own. I decided that it is time that the Petoms and the Joyahs get tech-recognition and so even before the coveted Wii hit Asian shores, the Petoms of the world can now say she had played it first.

How’s that for naikkan status Melayu?

Woo. Petom lives!

PS: This is DH btw. I am sure he wants to call it a Spartan but then again, Greek warriors don’t wear specs no?


  1. kak kak…the SIL actually lined up for 15 hours for the PS3. I also have to mention that it was in November and was also one of the coldest nights ever! Come on, i have to have all the credit for this one! (teehee)

  2. Hahaha thats funny! Blame your BIL for giving me the wrong information!!
    15 hours?!! That’s wicked!!
    (I should stop writing with exclamation marks 🙂 !

  3. as long as it requires hand-eye coordination skills, i’m out… but, never say never, and IF i ever do get around to it, i chope the Wii identity of Joyah-Hot.. yer, rrrriittte… momok#1

  4. Momok#1: Woo!! Joyah-Hot!!! Thats a first!!!

    Fau: Hi Fau! Hahahha muka macam aku eh? 🙂 Congrats on your lil’ bun in your oven, I will hog your blog from now on!!

  5. wei bom, nice to read that you’re doing some kind of exercise..hehe.. does this count? just wondering, can ask ur geek husband, if the machine will work in singapore? sounds awesome, aku tak leh main ni, nanti anak aku hentak remote pecah within 24hours je. 🙂 Have fun.

  6. Maknenek: The supergeek says that Singapore uses the PAL television standard for DVDs (the games played in the Wii comes in DVD form). So if the Wii sold in Germany uses PAL too, so yes Singapore can use the unit bought in Germany.
    Eh kau nak belikan ur cousins eh? Wooo…nice gift! nice gift !

  7. my boy cousin contemplating between ps3 and xbox360 (he already have the old xbox). eee..tak boleh ke main Uno ke, monopoly ke.. 🙂 i told him abt Wii..not in Singapore yet, but i believe coming soon lah.. kalau beli kat germany nanti karang german instructions lak…

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