Speeding frenzy

My eyes were fixed on the speedometer. 100km/h…110km/h…damn Apek, slow down! The dial slowly moved up and touched the 125km/h mark, my heart was pounding, and I swear to you I thought I saw the Apek smiling as if he was so happy to terrorise me. The speed reached 130km/h, and as he signalled to filter (yes, at that speed!), I wanted to shove my middle finger to his face and declare, “I am a tudunged woman, HEAR ME ROAR! Lu ingat gua tarak family ah Apek?!! Lu mau mati lu mati sorang la!”.

That was me a few hours ago. That was also me every other day for the past 2 years whenever I am in a taxi in Singapore. I am rather confused at this change in speed-tolerance. Only a few years ago I was so addicted to speed it was not funny. I get a high driving long distances at high speeds, the fastest, if I can recall – at 175km/h. I can do the exact filtering-at-130km/h that the Apek attempted and scared the shit out of me earlier, only much faster! I can do all that while yapping on the phone (with headset on) deciding where to eat and have coffee. Worst, at one time, driving to work meant reading the news from my PDA at traffic lights and flipping through the CD bank to look for CDs while the car was revving on the highway.
So that explains my fixation with Formula One then, and how I can almost see myself taking over Alex Yoong whenever his pokak Minardi stalled on Lap 3. “Pigidah! Muka aje hensem, kalau race-day mesti keter stall!”. That would be my dialoque to him, I fantasised. But of course, this would be before my eyes caught his and I melted like a candle under that really glazy, super cute stare. Ok, I digress.

I dont know when I became more paranoid about speed like how I am today. Whenever I am in a car now, even when DH is driving, I say a silent prayer. My eyes will almost ALWAYS glance at the speedometer and I check the blindspot more times than the driver!

In some strange fashion, I only trust the driving of 2 close friends at top speeds, while I am at the passenger seat. Din and Redha – both in their late thirties now,both parents to lovely 6 kids in total, both still F1 fanatics, and both still thinking they are Schumacher and Jordan reincarnates. I remembered sitting coyly in the passenger seat with Din driving at 180km/h and I chatted away with the other friends in the car many years ago, how cosy. Fast forward to today, I will probably be asking everyone in the car if they want hot Milos with cookies…and then maybe snore to sleep while Din do his thang… That is how much I trust his driving.

I wonder if those who were in my car back then in my speeding days trust me the same. I wonder if I made these people stare hard at the speedometer the way I do now. I wonder if I was a Din to them.

Hmm. Maybe I should do a test drive. Anybody? Helmets provided, promise!


  1. i can drive fast if i want to. but most of the time, i get cautious after hitting 85 miles/hr…thinking of the kids! but u sure can get the high from driving!

  2. uja, drive dgn jadi passenger tak sama tau. Kalau drive sendiri at 140 km/j still ras safe driving but kalau jadi passenger, even at 110 km/j pun dah rasa cuak semacam

    drive safely dear!

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