Case of the Missing Kambings

My poor Busu. She has been whining for comfort with my mum recently, over long-distance phone calls about her missing kambings. Yes, those kampong goats. All 15 of them disappeared. Vamush.

The kambings usually get out of the Padang Sebang compound in an organised herd in the morning, and return faithfully in the evening. They are a very cohesive bunch, these kambings. It is a case of one for all and all for one.

This year’s Raya is purported to be a special one for them – since one or two of them will be korban-ed for the big Raya feast that the Malaysian and Singapore cousins have been planning. What bliss – since it is highway to heaven for them. I can just imagine the kambings fighting among themselves who is to be on the honour roll for this year’s Raya.

And then one fine day recently – the kambings NEVER came back. My Busu, a sprightly, jolly old lady who is the favourite among the kids must have waited and waited in the evening, and they never make their ’emmbeeekkk’ way back.

There is only one theory to this – that the kambings were stolen by a kambing robber. How sickening. There is no way ALL 15 of the kambings were hit by some truck on the roads – unless we are talking abt Tianamen Square style bulldozers here. There is also no way that the kambings are suicidal and killed themselves – becos surely one of them is in love with the female kambing belonging to Mak Temah next door, and will not want to die a virgin. And then there is the theory of them getting lost and not knowing how to get back to Busu’s house – which my mum quickly retorted with a, “Kau ingat kambing tu semua tak berbincang ke jalan mana satu nak balik?” . Cis, silly me.

So here we are, a sad Melakan family thinking we have no kambings to roast on the rotisserie for the 3rd Raya gathering in Melaka. Makan daging beli ajerlah nampaknya …sigh.


  1. I remember coasting along a kampung in N.Sembilan & we had to stop for ‘kambing crossing’! And me being the the citygirl, was amazed by the scene.

    Hai…..kambing…kambing…”dimana dia, anak kambing saya…”

    ps: wei, wat’s yr email eh?

  2. ala si Mak Labu nie…dah berapa kali bagi daaahh..


    (tak boleh tulis email addy in full nanti kena spam)

  3. uja, did u try Nujum Pak Belalang’s service? namerlah tau…jumpa jugak kambing tuh? kambing tuh suma pergi shopping tak?

  4. aisehman, mano lak poie eh kekambing tu dagho?

    osah penyangak yang ngambik ni…bulan poso buek kojo!!!


  5. All 15 disappeared? Woh…

    BTW on yr mum’s rejoinder – “Kau ingat kambing tu semua tak berbincang ke jalan mana satu nak balik?” That’s just classic! Lol!

  6. Ely: Kenapalah aku tak fikir pasal Nujum Pak Belalang eh? Kau ada number dia?

    Nazrah: Toghah caghi lo ni, bilo den dapat den kotok kotok kepalo bosa dio.

    Siputpanas: Yes, all 15 hilang bro! My mum has insights in the most unthinkable things sometimes 😉

  7. Sure ada ketua kambing yg psychic ler tu… they were on the secret mision menyelamatkan diri.

    Maybe balik kandang 2 minggu lepas raya kot heheh

  8. muahahaha this is cute. i mean, kesian mak busu you. these kambings are a fortune beb, i can’t believe anyone would steal them. jahat sungguh. mana gembala kambing tu? dia dok kawin ngan mastura anak mashur al buaya kat bawah pokok tuuuhhh….ish ish ish si syawal ni….

  9. lor kesiannya mak busu… dah jumpe ke belum?

    betul, i donno that kambing akan berbincang OTW back to ur mak busu house… seriously?

  10. Insyirah: kesian…if Abah tak balik kampung why dont you tumpang my car? Tapi can fit in 2 more ajerlah..yang lain kena duduk dalam boot!

    Serendipity rambler: sama teori you dengan my other cousins, tonight they concluded that the kambing kena kidnap untuk perform for tourists in Thailand…alah, macam ‘drag’ show kambing gitu lah 😉

    Maknenek: gembala kambing tu dah dibuai mimpi jadi menantu si al buaya…sebab tu dia khayal ..muahahaha

    cikni: belum lagi cikni, mesti bila uja balik kampung kita kena dengar cerita ni dari mak busu repeat-repeat sepuluh kali !

  11. eh kambing hilang is no playplay busniess
    last year keluar newspaper, ada orang curi lembu bawak masuk dalam KERETA! Kena tangkap pon pasal ada roadblock!

    Look, kalau lembu hidup can be crammed into a car, i bet you, 15 kambings can easily be put on a motorbike. Jangan ada roadblock sudah!

    takziah atas kehilangan kambing.

    have a good raya anyway! heheheh..

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