Now I can dance

It has been a tumultous 8 months. The day I decided to take the plunge into book publishing came to a close today, and it ended with a bit of a dance by some 40-ish year old men, a huge yellow card and a generous shopping voucher.

Reading the warm words written by the Editors, Senior Editors, Designers and other colleagues only reinforce what GD and RLB taught me all these while – stay close to the ground, and always always put your heart on your sleeve when you lead. These 2 men with whom I had the priviledge to work under never knew how much they have inspired me but they dont have to know anyway, because they dont seek validation. They are just 2 cool guys who know how to lead best, and do it with a conscience. They dont even know each other. One is in the Middle East and the other in South East Asia. The only thing they have in common is their deep love for Arsenal.

I grew to love the youthful energy that the publishing world attracts, but I loathe the same energy that it kills. I have seen so many of them not living it up, complaining about having ‘no life’, belittled and blamed for everything single thing that can go wrong in the production and yet expected to churn a miracle of a book. I initially had the motivation to make improvements, but lost my confidence after a few incidental windows opened. I had the innocence to see changes through, but I lost the virginity of hope.

I know many of them will be reading this blog. To all of you guys, stay true to your course and you will achieve greatness. Never mind the tempest that goes on around you – just sail on.

My true course is up north, 18,000 miles away. My other course is also the written word, finding that one great story of real people to tell the world and put it on film.

But till then…

“Clouds have all disappeared
Freedom I hold so dear
Cause nobody knows me here
Please understand, now I can dance..”Tina Arena

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