ME at MC

That’s what I will be tomorrow.If things did not turn out the way it was as written below by my husband, it would be an ME – MIA at MC. Okay stop it already.

I cannot bring myself to write about our escape from the tsunami. I have many thoughts in my mind, many perspectives, many philosophical takes to why we are alive – but I refuse to divulge them on a public domain. They are my secret thoughts and they will remain so. One night last week I realised how many times I escaped death while abroad – the road accident in New Zealand in 1994, the typhoon at Desaru in 2002 and the tsunami in Thailand in 2004. God has a way of telling me I have many more duties to do here in this world, and His message is loud and clear. Thank you Allah for this life, the rezeki you have given me, the love I am surrounded by, the friends and family who are priceless. Thank you Allah for the message you gave to the world about WHO has the real Weapon of Mass Destruction – and that message is loud and clear. Thank you Allah for creating bonds among us little beings in this world in kindness and relief – as we share our grief together for those who died and those who lost their loved ones.

All my problems are so little now. They are only huge in my small,little world. Shaz’s words when we part at the airport on Dec 30th 2004 would be something I treasure. ‘Dont cry. I am still here…still alive’.

2004 was a humility path for me – that ended with a bang.

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